Saturday, 14 January 2012

Papercuts and Wine

Owch.  I have papercuts all over my fingers from what I was doing at work today.  I hate my weekend job. But if I didn't have a job I would probably be sat naked in a cardboard box right now.

So lonely.  I'm at home all alone tonight, my housemates seem to have mysteriously vanished.  So I'm sat in my dressing gown, drinking a glass or two of wine and watching Take Me Out.  What a night.  Living life on the edge.  That's me.
This weekend sucks.

I went shopping yesterday, oops.  But I bought a lovely top.

Sleeveless Tulip Back Top.  £19.99.  New Look >>

I really like how the red flowers contrast against the darker navy background.  I think that's what caught my eye about this top.  I haven't quite yet decided what I'm going to wear it with though.

I also bought this:

Summer Crepe Blazer in Navy.  £24.99.  New Look.
I really liked this jacket.  But then my boyfriend said it made me look like a teacher.  And now he's making me doubt it.  But I don't care.  I'm going to wear it anyway.  Teacher or not!

Panic.  So, so tired.  So tired that even simple words don't make sense anymore.  Had hardly any sleep last night.  Have to work tomorrow.  Have tons of revision to do.  Haven't revised today.  AH.  Exams on Monday and Tuesday.  STRESS.

Goodnight.  M x

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